Myth #1: Clearboarding is more expensive that plywood boarding.

FACT: Upfront costs for clearboarding, including materials and labor, is approximately twice the cost of plywood. However, most plywood boarded properties require reboarding two or three times. Plywood can be easily removed, extending an open invitation to vandals who often cause irreparable damage, leaving a “zombie property” with little or no value. And, plywood does not fully protect the property from weather damage and warps over time, leading to property damage and repair costs.

Myth #2: Homeowners will be forced to bear the additional cost for clearboarding.

FACT: Clearboarding is used primarily on vacant and abandoned properties, where a homeowner has defaulted on their mortgage or tax payment and has moved out of the home. The cost associated with securing the property to maintain the value of the asset and keep vandals and squatters from entering is the responsibility of the mortgage servicer or the city, not the homeowner.

Myth #3: Homeowners are going to have to use clearboarding any time they are doing substantial repairs and/or renovations on their home.

FACT: The laws or ordinances requiring clearboarding only apply in cases where a home is vacant or abandoned, not an occupied property undergoing renovation.

Myth #4: Many municipalities and communities with fixed or shrinking budgets cannot afford the additional cost for clearboarding.

FACT: Plywood boarded properties become hubs for crime, drug activity, and squatters requiring constant attention from code enforcement, police and fire, placing a strain on city and community resources and budgets. Most studies estimate a 20-25 percent property value reduction for plywood boarded properties, reducing the property tax income for the city.

Myth #5: Contractors installing clearboarding require special training and tools, adding to their labor costs.

FACT: Clearboarding suppliers provide installation and training instructions at no charge to the contractor. No specials tools are needed and the installation of clearboarding mimics that of plywood boarding installations.


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